I’ve been waving my dick on this public beach for over a month now. The original suit. Shyly white at first, but bold and brown now. All around me – naked. A beach crowd of varying tan dicks, asses, pussies and tits – old, young, fresh, wilted, small, huge, perfect, unusual, running, lying, brown, white. The lot.

Unashamed and unmasked. Equal. Much less room to hide in, much less social layers to pretend under. Much less ‘sexy’ and much more ‘beautiful’.

Beautiful in aging, beautiful in youth. Equal in imperfection, and equal in the lack of social markers.

What if we all would get naked at least for a day? Everyone, everywhere. How many illusions of power and self-importance would vanish? How would it change us? Would you fear your boss just as much? Would the joke that is ‘his/her excellency’ be even more obvious? Would wars be just as likely? Would you still feel bad about the size and shape of your organs? Would you give a fuck as much as before?

I dread the day I’ll have to come back to the land of the masked. Layering up is easy, peeling it all off takes much effort.