Andrius Mažeika – a fine art and documentary photographer born in Lithuania in 1986. Photography for him is first and foremost a way of editing the reality around him—discovering, emphasising or discarding.

The documentary approach he employs, puts pressure on the essential photographic element of time thus making the end results even more unpredictable. Herein lies the central “conflict” of not only photography—linear planning vs spontaneity, head vs heart, zen vs motorcycle maintenance, left vs right hemisphere—but of humanity as well. Photography to Andrius is the marriage of these two contradictory ways of perceiving the reality around us.

One of the key themes recurring in Andrius’ work is figurativeness. The choice of black and white here is consequential as Andrius finds that it emphasises the shapes and strips away the non-essentials. Shooting monochrome for him is part choice part necessity as he is slightly colour-blind.

More recently, women and female nudes have found themselves in Andrius’ viewfinder. Here he uses the shapes of their bodies to invert the usual social roles that are assigned to them. Emphasising that which is generally not.

As his influences Andrius cites Robert Mapplethorpe, Vitas Luckus as well as Sebastião Salgado.

He is currently based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Fotografas Andrius Mažeika (mazeikashoots)

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